Why Pokemon Unite get so many dislikes (30k dislikes)


A couple days ago(June 24), The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Unite, a MOBA game of its partnership with Tencent and TiMi Studios.
However, their first product get so many dislikes from Youtube User. After only a day of existence, the Pokémon Presents that revealed Pokémon Unite is Nintendo’s most-disliked YouTube video to date.
Currently, The video was deleted from The Official Pokémon YouTube channel but you can see how that video was via Wayback Machine - Internet Archive
You can see these are about 24k likes and 30k dislikes:
Pokemon Unite get so many dislikes


Why does Pokémon Unite have so many dislikes?
  • 10%: The Nintendo Switch was flipped.
    Pokemon Unite get so many dislikes
    I don’t think this is the main reason that caused the dislike storm to the video.
    It just flipped like we take a selfie by font- camera.
  • 70%: The Pokemon Fans are expecting something special, not a MOBA game.
    A few days before the first revelation about Pokemon Unite, The Pokemon Company held a special Pokemon presentation where it revealed a number of upcoming projects, including the New Pokemon Snap.
    New Pokemon Snap
    It then ended the presentation with a tease that it would reveal a big project the following week, on June 24. That caused fan expectation is too big
    And then …
    That big project turned out to be a Pokemon MOBA from Tencent called Pokemon Unite.
    It seems that most Pokemon Fans were not happy with this announcement.
    That was the result of a dislike storm on Youtube
    Pokemon Unite get so many dislikes
  • 20%: Pokemon Fans don’t like TENCENT.
    TENCENT is a Chinese Company, many people do not believe in using Chinese products because it has been accused of spying on the user’s device
    Pokemon Unite get so many dislikes



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